Tips on Pheromones

Here are some tips on how to use pheromones. Tip well on these nights and be super friendly to the bartenders. Talk to the bar backs. You can become the king of the bar in one day if you use my palm reading technique. This is how I mastered my first pheromones. I went in at like five on a Friday and I read one waitresses palm. She. Went. Nuts. I spent the next hour reading every single waitresses palm. They all loved me after that and threw a LOT of free drinks my way. Learn more at and

Once everyone has seen you when the place is empty they will start to remember you. Learn each person’s name and one fact about them and use stronger pheromones. It can be anything, but it’s something that you can ask about each time you see them. Pheromones Everyday I was walking through a mall with my buddy and we saw a professional football player. Someone really famous so I can’t say his name. The guys says hi to me. I respond with “Hey bro. You going to play frisbee on Friday?” My friend with me who went nuts. He couldn’t believe I knew a pro football player. We just happen to go to the same gym and one time the guy wanted to play ultimate frisbee with us on a Friday. I gave up my spot so he could play for a few minutes. That paid off in spades that day in the mall! The Ioosest of connections gave me massive social proof. Just being able to say someone’s name and ask them one question will make you look like a superstar who adores pheromones. ELIMINATE HER FEAR OF Pheromones There have been a lot of studies about the power of the natural pheromones because they work. You don’t even have to give a reason after the word because. One of the most interesting ones was about cutting the line to use a busy photocopier at a university. They tried a lot of variations and realized that if you said, “Can I cut the line? I need to use the photocopier because I’m in a rush.” Then they got the SAME results when he said, “Can I cut the line? I need to use the photocopier because.” The person never gave a reason. They just used the word because. It’s that powerful pheromone scent that influences behavior. You can try it. “You should give me your number because.” You can say anything after the word “because” and you are golden, and a lot of girls will do it right away. That’s a crucial mind control word that you want to keep in your arsenal. Here is another example of the power of the pheromones because from another study: A guy decided to test this “because” theory. He went to a busy supermarket, picked out a couple of items, and went to the checkout line. Several people with carts full of items were in front of him. Learn more at

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