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Your lovers won’t cheat. When you run your game in three-second sound bites, and you run it like I’ve taught you, 95 percent of the guys you meet will fall in love with you before you’ve even slept with them. That’s not me blowing smoke up your ass. I’ve seen it happen over and over, and even the hardest of hard-core players like myself fall for it to be real pheromones. Every. Single. Time. Again, personality trumps pussy. If you think it’s the other way around, then you haven’t been flaunting your personality. “THE P FACTOR” = Personality first. I know that was a lot of information to process, and I want to assure you, it’s not my goal to have you change your personality in order to get your guy. Every single woman I’ve ever coached has a natural propensity for using certain Elements over the others. Learn more at and

Some women are really comfortable with Comfort Elements, while some women can take Sass to a whole new level. The first step is to ascertain which pheromone scents feel most natural to you and to rely on those heavily when you’re getting started, doing your infield practice at a bar. But you don’t want to rest on your laurels. If doing what you’ve always been doing had worked for you earlier, you wouldn’t be reading this book. You’ve got to address your weaknesses and push yourself to take risks. If you’re all Sass, you’re going to need to open up, show some vulnerability, and incorporate the Comfort Elements. There is an invisible line in the sand of social behavior that most of us dare not cross. We see it as rude or immodest to push past social conventions and require more of the people around us. But if you never cross that line, how will you know exactly where it is? You won’t. At least you will never be sure. So you have to make mistakes. You have to offend a guy, seduce a guy, freak out a guy, turn a guy on, insult, coddle, shock, impress, and push past every reaction you’ve ever expected or experienced to really understand human inter- actions and men in a way you never thought was possible before. When you do that, you’ll discover what you’re made of and, more importantly, what a guy is made of—before you sleep with him. You still want to keep him in that state of attraction/confusion so it’s okay if he reads a Tease as a Takeaway by accident. The general rule with texting is to mirror the guy in terms of timing. If it takes him a few hours to respond to you then don’t respond for a few hours as well. If he responds quickly, still wait a few minutes before you shoot back your text. If it gets to the point where you are both texting back and forth rapidly, just tell him to call you. The exception to the above rule is if you are going Dead Air on a guy. Dead Air is a powerful technique in which you stop texting the guy randomly more pheromones. Learn more at

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