Making It Work With Pheromones

So remember, if you mostly take care of the agency, and mostly want to listen to what agency employees say, you’ll get a great relationship with the agency; and they will be VERY happy with you. But you’ll form NO great romantic relationships, nor will any lady be happy with your pheromone scent. If you take care of the right woman, if you are attentive to what SHE thinks—and you keep your relationship private—then you can build a great pheromone romance, and make her very happy with you, and yourself very happy with her! Everyone makes his or her own choices; but women certainly do not choose thoughtless zombies, who just yield to some agency’s brainwashing. All of that works very well for the agencies, and is exactly what they are seeking (despite all of their sweet and witty half-truths, and false assurances about their best intentions). Their actions speak so clearly and loudly: They are truly interested in men staying SINGLE, for as long as possible or—even better—forever, and keep on paying their bills for many, many years. Fortunately, there are still some men who recognize the above facts. What the wise guys choose, is to use marriage agencies’ services only to view women’s profiles and to get their direct contacts. Learn more at and

After that, they wisely do not to let the agency spoil their dating luck! Aware men prefer to communicate with potential dates directly, and make further arrangements without the agency’s poky noses, and their numerous and outrageous bills. Pheromones will make women more attracted to your scent and presence. None of the above things would happen just because of any guy’s fantastic promises, nor due to his self-descriptions, despite the fact that many men eagerly anticipate and imagine it would work that very easy, very lazy and crazily cheap way to get a great wife. And so they try hard to apply totally useless tactics—and oddly expect it will still work, in that unrealistic way. If a man wants to succeed and find his soulmate in another country through a marriage agency, he should take into consideration all the things described above, and choose a successful, effective dating strategy—instead of doing something that may be very common, but is actually very unworkable or unlikely to succeed. The only way to find the right partner (one who is suitable for marriage), and to win her love and trust is to be aware and wise, very caring, generous, understanding, supportive, loyal and loving. NOT after “this or that,” but immediately after you decide to start the relationship. If it becomes apparent that they will lose this client anyway because they failed to keep him single any longer, then the best thing they can do is use the fact of his marriage as a promotion instrument to attract more clients. Though, to be fair, most marriages do not happen because of their help, or through what they did, but DESPITE the things they do in those agencies. Learn more at

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