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I used to be hoping I could have a WD elements external tough drive (WDBU6Y0020BBK-01) assessed to see if any information could be recovered from it. It stopped working more than one years ago and it has taken me some time to get spherical to sorting it out. The symptoms were just as described on this data recovery help and advice page. If I don’t forget efficiently the force might no longer electricity up whilst plugged in but it did now not appear on my computer. it can likely have been an trouble with the port at the force being barely unfastened. As it’s far usb powered it would regularly disconnect and reconnect it quick succession as a result. i’m glaringly no expert but i have been told it could probably be a corruption issue brought on through the years by way of the cable being bodily free. wouldn’t it be viable to have this looked at and what might be fee of assessment and the probably cost of repair (if it is repairable)?

i have a Seagate ST1500DM003 outside HDD, and doesn’t work. perhaps it burned the engine. i have a many extra pictures on this HDD. are you able to assist me get better the information?

WD hdd makes a clicking noise and not regarded by means of home windows. Have had this problem for the closing couple of years. was at the verge of giving up but nowadays, file explorer opened for five seconds displaying the contents of the force. Are you able to help get better the information?

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